Sunday, August 7, 2011

The hazards of an overly large lunch

Hi everyone-

Things are going great at the Corrigan household and we have had lots of visitors this summer. Kai has started to run now. He did have a major bout of diarrhea this June and had to spend some time in the hospital getting re-hydrated but other than that his health is excellent. Here he is making the best of it:

We had a great trip to Bryce Canyon in July but Kai was very disappointed to read the signs that said "Parents watch your children- No throwing rocks in the Canyon!" He is learning a lot about the world and the growth in his comprehension is amazing. He can put together some simple sentences like "Mom hot cup", "Dada home", and "Kai up down"- this last one while standing on his head.

We are happy to report that Kai is also growing like a weed, and up to 24 pounds now. He still has chicken legs, but they're all muscle:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is in the air

Greetings from the Corrigan family! Unfortunately, spring in Utah has meant twice-weekly snow storms this April. Kai is doing great and growing up fast. Here he is putting the finishing touches on a sudoku that his Mom stalled out on:

The other thing that Kai has been having a lot of fun with is his vacuum:

That's all for now, and talk to you soon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kai had a very good checkup at the liver clinic this past week. He is up to 21.3 pounds. All the lab results are encouraging. Not much news about the clot in his vein, the doctors said they would have no idea it was there except that they saw it on the ultrasound.

Kai is keeping everyone very busy, and we want to thank the grandparents, friends and neighbors who have helped watch him this past month. Here he is doubling back on his own tracks:

If we hadn't been there we wouldn't believe it, so we took about twenty-five pictures of Kai getting his first taste of beets, which he scarfed down like they were candy:

Kai got a sandbox, which he loves. Unfortunately it just snowed a foot, so we are keeping the cover on it for now. Thanks for checking on us and see you again soon!