Sunday, August 7, 2011

The hazards of an overly large lunch

Hi everyone-

Things are going great at the Corrigan household and we have had lots of visitors this summer. Kai has started to run now. He did have a major bout of diarrhea this June and had to spend some time in the hospital getting re-hydrated but other than that his health is excellent. Here he is making the best of it:

We had a great trip to Bryce Canyon in July but Kai was very disappointed to read the signs that said "Parents watch your children- No throwing rocks in the Canyon!" He is learning a lot about the world and the growth in his comprehension is amazing. He can put together some simple sentences like "Mom hot cup", "Dada home", and "Kai up down"- this last one while standing on his head.

We are happy to report that Kai is also growing like a weed, and up to 24 pounds now. He still has chicken legs, but they're all muscle:

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  1. I love the new pictures! You forgot to mention he finally made a trip to Wisconsin.