Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outside and Inside

Kai saw the specialist this week and impressed the children's liver people with his general lack of yellowness (you can still see some in his eyes). He continues to be a very happy baby as well. He has grown to a little over 11 pounds.
Internally, the doctor and PA felt his belly and were happy with the way it felt. The bilirubin in his blood is at a normal level, and the measurements they make of liver function are trending towards normal. He will continue on all of his medications, because they appear to be working (a small price to pay).
Kai is eating like a ranch hand. In fact, his favorite book is "The very hungry caterpillar". However, the doctors would still like Kai to gain weight a little faster. To accomplish this end he will get two teaspoons a day of formula added to his usual milk. Not a whole lot of extra calories, but it is a special formula that helps babies who don't absorb fats as well.
This is all the nitty gritty for the moment, we promise to put some cute pictures up soone!

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