Sunday, March 7, 2010

A relaxing weekend at home-

Kai continues to recover. We have had a few breakthroughs in giving him his medicines. When he first started on them it was quite an ordeal; his nurses at the hospital were surprised that such a young baby didn't simply swallow whatever you put in his mouth. He takes a bile thinner, an antibiotic, a steroid, a vitamin, a medicine to prevent thrush (because he's on antibiotics), and some Zantac to make all the others stay down easier (which ironically tastes the worst).

So, after trying lots of techniques, some borrowed from the medieval alchemists, his Granny found a special bottle that has a hollow cylinder in the middle and delivers the dose straight down his gullet before he knows what is happening. Then he goes back to drinking milk to wash it down. Genuis! This has Kate a lot more comfortable about the idea of administering his 9am meds by herself.

We are headed in to the surgery outpatient clinic tomorrow so the doctors can assess his recovery. It would be nice to have the drain out of his abdomen, but we can handle it if it needs to remain in there. We'll let you all know what they say!


  1. We're so glad to see that Kai is back at home with you and things seem to be going well! We've been thinking about you guys ;)

    Colleen & Rob

  2. What a cool contraption! Glad to hear meds are now going a bit easier!