Saturday, May 29, 2010

Counting our blessings-

In honor of his first tooth we decided to try a little real food. We also wanted to give Kai a few positive experiences with eating now, because he will need solid food to get enough Iron once he hits six months old. It turns out he took to it quite well, so we will probably hold off again for a few more weeks.

The Corrigans are feeling truly thankful right now for a lot of things. All of the support our friends and family provide is what is sustaining us. Kai has a great appetite and is learning and growing every day. He has started taking a bottle again just fine (maybe the fussiness was tooth-related?) Anyway, Kate will be headed back to class in June, so Paul is very happy about this development.
Modern medicine is giving Kai a chance to live just fine with a disease that was fatal 50 years ago. On top of that, we live very close to a top-notch childrens hospital, Primary's. The liver specialist there, Dr. Book, has made a career out of helping kids like Kai. The surgeons there are top-notch as well.
We were lucky to meet families that are dealing with the same issues today. It was good to see that after a transplant, kids are still just kids. You would have no idea which ones on the playground are liver patients unless someone told you. Utah Liver Families- thank you and hope to see you all soon!


  1. We're so glad to have met you and your cute little guy. Its a crazy roller coaster ride we're on but it is nice to know we're not the only ones. See you again soon.

  2. My little girl Harmonee Lynn just had her transplant two weeks ago! We were unable to make it to the picnic but I hope to meet you soon! Good Luck and if you need anything just let me know! my email is :)

    Farrah (liver mum) and Harmonee

  3. Glad you three could stop over this weekend & hang out. Looking forward to having Kai's company when you start back to school...& thanks for linking to us, a bunch of people seem to have stopped over already!

  4. And...come by our blog sometime to "pick up" an award! :)