Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Find the baby:

As Kai gets older, he is getting more and more independent. Here he is playing with some of his many toys. He used to get bored after five minutes, but he can amuse himself now for much longer periods. Of course we still read to him and play with him too!

Kai went to the regular doctor this week. It's fairly uneventful since his immunizations are on hold until after he finishes taking his steroid. We found out he is now 14 lbs 12 oz. The doctor suggests he wait for solid foods until as close to six months age as possible. He will have to keep jawing on an empty spoon until June 29th.

One thing Kai has been up to is rotating. We put him down pointed north, and he scooches over to east, and then south. Imitating a compass needle is good for Kai becuase he thinks it's fun, and good for us because he still can't really go anywhere. He is also getting better at sitting in a chair.
Here he is getting tickled.


  1. He looks great! Wish I could meet him in person. Is he letting you guys sleep yet?