Monday, June 14, 2010

Doctors visit extended...

Hi everyone. The past two weeks have been busy. Kai and family have been to consult with specialists in pharmacology, infectious disease, transplant surgery, social work, finance, and diet. Everything looks set to get Kai on the transplant list sometime this week. Kids usually have to get quite sick before they are offered an organ. This is determined by bilirubin levels and other blood tests, as well as inability to grow. If he can gain a few more pounds (at least 3.5), he will be big enough to receive a partial organ from dad or mom. Until that time, we will have to wait and see. If a liver did become available he would certainly have it "installed".
Kai had a few episodes of puking on friday and one again this monday morning. Because of that and some decrease in his appetite, Dr. Book has had him stay at the hospital to receive IV antibiotics. This is how they treat cholangitis, or liver infection. It's also possible he just has a stomach bug, or that the poor liver function in general is what's bothering him, but hopefully the antibiotics help get him back on track.
So we are looking at a five day stay here at primary children's, more or less. This will give one of us an opportunity to go home each night and catch up on sleep.

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