Thursday, July 15, 2010

surgery day

We had a pretty rough night at the hospital with Kai unable to keep anything down. Luckily today is surgery day! We are very excited that Kai will start getting better soon. Paul's part of the surgery started twenty minutes ago. Kai will go down in about an hour. He is having fun hanging out in his room right now. The infant unit has some great toys. Both sets of grandparents are here worrying. Kai's Aunt Nora should be arriving soon. Aunt Anne called Kai with wishes of good luck. We will try to keep everyone updated throughout the day.
Paul's liver looks great; I have a hard time believing that from what I heard about his college days, but the surgeon insisted it still looks good. Kai is back and prepped to go. I am actually more excited than nervous right now. I think I might need to go for a run to burn off some of this energy.


  1. wow, what a big day. my thoughts and prayers have been with you guys. what a brave mom and dad kai has! trust in God, trust in your doctors and nurses. can't wait to see him thrive. be strong, remember to eat and keep your chin up!

    all my love
    lizzie and lulu

  2. Thanks Liz! We are pretty excited for Kai to start feeling good again. It is inspiring to see how well Lulu and Eden have done post transplant.

  3. cant wait to hear an update.... would love to come see you guys in the coming weeks if that's okay? i'll stay our of kai's room- the less traffic in there, the better for him! what a long, amazing, life changing day. hope you are still hanging in there- i think it's got to be hardest on you seeing the 2 people you love most suffering... ALL my love liver mom!

  4. Just checking in to see how you are all doing. I hope your boys are both in a nice medicated bliss right now and resting comfortably.
    I can't wait to see pictures of a nice pink Kai in the days to come.