Thursday, August 12, 2010

home again

After one month in the hospital Kai was finally discharged on Monday. The transition has been a little easier than I expected. His med schedule is actually easier than before the transplant. He is quickly re-learning most of his baby skills.

Though things are going really well there have been a few bumps in the road. Kai is on a nursing strike, so most of his food was going through his NG tube. He warmed up to bottles again on Friday, so maybe the tube can come out soon. He is more willing to experiment with drinking out of a cup and eating anything that he can feed himself. He ate two cheerios this morning, but it takes 3 cheerios to add up to one calorie, so cereal will not be a major contributor to his nutrition for a while yet...

Paul's recovery has gone very well. He is napping a few hours a day, but he will attempt to return to work on Monday.

We never could have done this transplant without the help, support, and prayers of so many people. The care that Kai and Paul received at Primary Children's Medical Center was superlative. There is no way to properly thank the army of Nurses and Doctors who helped them get better, but we did bring chocolate. All the grandparents have taken turns doing many shifts of baby soothing, dishwashing, and errand running- thank you Julia, Bill, MaryAnn, and Mike. So many people have sent their love and so many offers of help have come from friends and neighbors far and wide. Thanks everyone! Natural Bridge VA- we promise to visit!


  1. The picture of the two Corrigan guys sitting on the floor might be captioned "Paul looks at himself as a baby" or maybe "Kai checks how he will look in 30 years"! The resemblance between Paul as a baby and Kai is amazing. How happy we are to see those two smiles. You both look terrific one month post-op.
    Love, Mom

  2. Glad to hear you are all home again. Kai looks great! Eating was a hard one for Eden, but she almost always gave cheese puffs a taste. Plus they're loaded with calories.
    Best of luck to you.