Monday, October 11, 2010

Life has been getting easier in the Corrigan house. Kai had his Broviac (central line) removed, so for the first time in months he is completely free of tubes.
We took Kai on his first farm adventure to our CSA's free pumpkin picking this weekend. He napped the whole way there, so he was a little flummoxed to wake up in the land of the pumpkins, but he took it in a lot better stride than Dorothy did.
Kai plays most of his waking hours; blocks, books, balls, boxes, and paper in any form are his favorite toys. He really likes pulling up to stand on the edge of the couch, and it may be 50/50 whether he bothers to crawl or just start walking. He can do the 'worm' and scoot around but rarely has the patience to travel from room to room that way.


  1. Beautiful family. May the sun always shine on you. Happy Anniversary October 18. Mary, Mary and Rachael Barbash

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all four of you in the pumpkinpatch! I cannot see too well, but I welcome the pictures!

    Much love,
    GrandMom (Hope)