Thursday, March 18, 2010

A big thank you-

Hi everyone- We just wanted to say that we appreciate all the followers and comments on Kai's page. Someone noted that Kai seems to blog in the third person. This is true. He is trying to learn proper grammar. He might need the help of his grandmom or his Aunt Nora- who by the way will be on Jeopardy July 27th.
We also want to apologize for the slowdown in blogging. It seems like there is something to be done around the house literally every second of every day! Kai is getting more and more active and independent, but still needs to be held, hugged, changed, fed, and so on, like any two-month old.
This has been a good week, Kai seems to be gaining weight pretty steadily. We will try to get some photos up soon of his chubby cheeks!

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