Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heading into week two

Kai has had ups and downs in the last few days. His new liver is still working very well. Yesterday his surgeons were able to close him up about two-thirds of the way. His skin will stretch and his liver will shrink (it's more than adequately sized), and hopefully they can finish that job next week. They also removed his PICC line and installed a Broviac, which is a special type of IV. (Double black diamond territory)

Kai had a fever on Sunday night, a peaceful Monday, and another fever last night. That bout has ended too, thankfully. The latest word at 5:50 pm is his temperature is down to 36.1 c, the low end of normal. They have cultured all of his IV lines and drains where they enter his body and have ruled them out as a probable infection source. Even though he was in a nice clean OR, the procedure to close him up yesterday may have introduced just enough bacteria from his skin to aggravate a baby with a poor immune system. It's also possible that his immunosuppression drugs could set off a fever themselves. No one is certain right now. An infectious disease specialist came by today to review his case and order some more tests.

The second week of a transplant is apparently when the body tries hardest to reject the new organ, so he will be receiving stronger doses of immunosuppression in the coming days. This week he will probably move from the ICU to the immune compromised ward (wash your hands!)

Paul was discharged yesterday and is recuperating well at home, except a brief visit to see Kai. Check out Kai's family at the bottom of the page. We would be happy to put up anyone and everyone else who would like to show their support. Thanks for checking on us!


  1. So happy to hear the update and that things are going pretty well. With such a major surgery, there have to be lots of ups and downs. But it sounds like Kai is trending towards UP!!

    Love the new picture in the header. His smile looks so much like Paul!

    Wish we were still in Montana -- then we would be close enough to maybe come down and help in some way.

    Still sending all of you lots of positive thoughts and prayers.

  2. hi everyone. hope all is well today, love the new header photo. he's such a ham! please let us know what/if you need anything. last night cassidy wanted to pray for baby we're all thinking of you often. lots of hugs to each of you.