Friday, July 23, 2010

Latest photos of Kai

Kai is spending a lot more time awake and alert these past three days. We even got several smiles out of him, but not on camera. He is having fun batting at his mobile and reading books with Mom, Dad and Grandparents. His pain is being well controlled with much less medicine than he needed last week. The oxygen is off for now. He hasn't started eating yet; they will start with food through his nasogastral tube and it may be a while before he does bottles again. We are in a holding pattern waiting for his abdomen to be closed up. It's not good to squeeze the liver too much, so that may be another week out or more. The red line you can see across his chest is one of his drain tubes, his surgical scar is in the very bottom right of the picture.


  1. Wow, he looks great! Is he jaundiced at all any more? What color are his eyes? And did his hair grow a bunch in the last two weeks? Like I said, he looks so good!!!!!

  2. he looks so good!! he will really take off after the healing is done. thank god for such miracles (and dr. book and team :))