Monday, July 12, 2010

relaxing at the hospital

Kai slept well last night, he had a good day yesterday and a good morning so far today. We still haven't heard for certain when they will do the transplant. Kai will get a PICC line today, which the intravenous team described as "the black diamond of IVs". That will be done under anesthesia. They will also take one last look at the blood supply to his liver. He will need some cadaveric veins and arteries to get his new liver connected properly. Basically he will be a frankenbaby, minus the bolts.
We had some fun visits with out of town friends these past few weeks, thanks for stopping by Sheila. Garrett was here until yesterday, but he left in the morning to ride his bicycle home to California. Hear more about this at his own blog,


  1. Thanks for the updates...Kai is still adorable, as usual. We're all keeping you in our thoughts.

  2. Good luck with todays procedures. Doug forwarded your email onto me. I did send you an email back, but in case it didn't make it through. I think help for the first three weeks post surgery would be ideal.
    Best of luck and we are keeping you in our prayers.