Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That was easy...

Kai only spent the one night in the hospital. The biopsy did not show any rejection, which is a good thing. Still not sure what is causing his liver numbers to be elevated, but possibly just some inflammation.

In addition to downing about forty ounces of milk, Kai has started eating three squares a day. He starts each meal with a four or five cheerio appetizer, moves on to a few spoonfuls of baby food, and washes it all down by drinking from a sippy cup and then squirting that liquid on his chair and clothes.

Kai's growth has been amazing. You can see his chubby cheeks are back in full effect, and his arms and legs are following suit closely behind. Kate gave him his first haircut this week, which was an exercise in patience. He can sit as long as he wants to- the only problem is when he decides it's enough, he has no graceful exit strategy. He fell asleep on a car ride today, here he is snoozing:


  1. That is the best news ever!!! I'm so glad he's eating and drinking and growing like a weed.
    Gail (and Dave)

  2. He looks fantastic!! What good news! We're so happy everything is going well for both Kai and Paul.


  3. He looks so great! That hair color is amazing, by the way. What a beautiful little boy.


  4. As you treasure these precious moments with Kai, we wish for you all the joys of parenthood, seeing the world anew, through the eyes of your child. Mark and Mary

  5. Soooo cute! And SOOO great that he is doing so well! What an awesome little guy, I hope I get the chance to meet him some day... and it would be great to see you again too ;-)