Thursday, September 9, 2010

Babies 'R' cute

Kai's phenomenal recovery is continuing. He's rolling all over the place and looking dangerously close to crawling any day now. He now has six teeth, the front four on the top are all coming in simultaneously. Kai's labs and checkups have been going well. The only hiccup is a nagging diaper rash that comes and goes seemingly at random. We have tried about every different type of oobleck they make for such a problem, over the counter and prescription. Some evenings he has to hang out bare-butted on a towel for a few hours and that helps.
When we stop and reflect on everything that has happened, having a healthy boy again is a miracle. But our moments for reflection are few and far between; Kai considers every day a spectacular new adventure, and keeping up with him is about all we have time to do. Several people have commented about how chubby Kai looks. I mentioned to our friend Aashish that some of this can be attributed to the steroid that he takes. He replied that he is looking forward to seeing Kai break Barry Bonds' record. So are we.
Kai's Granny Julia headed back to Wisconsin this week, and we all miss her. It was great to have her here helping Kai heal up. Thanks Granny!


  1. He is so cute and looks so good. How is he doing? is is so great to see his eye balls without yellow. I cannot wait until we can get to that point.your hard work payed off.

  2. Sooooo happy to hear the good news and sooo sorry I missed you guys on skype the other day. Kai looks really wonderful. It's great to know miracles still happen.

  3. It is completely amazing how great he's doing...surely a testament to how great his mama & dad are too! :)